New on Substack: Convert new readers into paying subscribers (in your own words)

When readers type their their email addresses into the sign-up box on your Substack site, a fair number of them don’t immediately go on to enter their credit card details. That leaves them in a limbo state where they’re on your free updates list but aren’t full paying subscribers.

In such cases, it helps to send a follow-up email that makes it clear exactly what they will get for free and what they’ll miss out on until they upgrade to paid.

In the past, we sent these readers an automated message that was the same for everyone (you may remember it as the “You’re halfway there” email), but it’s so much more effective when it’s written in the author’s voice. With that in mind, we’ve built a feature that lets you customize the email text to turn those hot leads into paying subscribers. Here’s how you do it.

Two easy steps to get more subscribers

  1. Go to your Settings page, scroll down to Section 3, find “Unfinished Subscription” email. Click “edit”.

  2. Write your pitch to your almost-subscribers. Make it personal, fun, serious, moving. By paying real money, these subscribers are helping you do your best work.

That’s it!

Got any questions? Suggestions? Let us know in the comments.