Don't blink, just say the link!

Writers frequently ask us how to best promote their newsletter so they get lots of readers and paying subscribers. Well, after 18 months of intensive market research and careful analysis of data from thousands of publications, we have drawn the following conclusion:

You must tell people where to find your newsletter.

Seems simple? Is simple. But many people mess this up. For some, it’s because they fear being overly promotional. But it’s not. It is far better to just tell people directly where to find your work. Don’t be cute about it.

So, here’s a useful rhyme to help you remember:

Don’t blink, just say the link!

If your newsletter is to be found at, be sure to say “your dot substack dot com” whenever you can, and write it everywhere on the internet (without being too crazy about it).

Here’s a list of test cases:

Are you a guest on a podcast?

Say the link!

Are you doing a Reddit AMA?

Say the link! (Or better yet, post your proof picture to your substack and link to that!)

Do you have a Twitter account?

Say the link!

Are you being featured on a blog post?

Say the link!

Did someone ask you how to find your newsletter?

Say the link!

Thank you for your attention.