Anyone can now use Substack for audio

Last week, we announced the private beta of Substack for audio. Due to intense interest, it’s not so private anymore. Now, any Substack publisher can turn on the audio feature via their Settings page in the dashboard (scroll to the bottom of the page).

Important caveat: Our audio feature is still very much in beta. We continue to develop the feature and are listening to feedback. It may change at any time, without warning (but hopefully for the better).

How to use the audio feature: Once you have enabled audio, you can create an audio post in a similar way to creating a normal newsletter post. Just click “New episode.” In the editor, you have the choice of uploading an MP3 or hitting a “record” button to record directly in Substack. To get a sense of what the experience is like as a listener, check out this post from Off The Chain.

This feature will be useful for conventional podcasts, but we also hope to see publishers experimenting with the format. Short-form audio? Music? Monologues? Live reports? Go wild.

And please leave your feedback in the comments!

(Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash)