We've acquired People & Company to accelerate and celebrate writer success
Hamish McKenzie
Today, we’re releasing publication sections, which allow you to create and manage multiple newsletters or podcasts within a single main publication.
Today, we’re sharing three new features that give you more control over your publication’s subscriptions and community. As a writer, you own your relat…
Today, we’re announcing Substack Local, a $1m initiative to foster and develop the local news ecosystem.
When we started Substack, we didn’t know if the model would work. Today, more than half a million people pay to subscribe to a publication on the platf…
We’ve recently added some new features to improve the publishing experience on Substack. Recommended links First, you can now add links to your Substac…
Rob C
This post is an attempt to offer further clarity on how and why we make our moderation decisions.
A response to some questions about Substack Pro, our program that funds writers to start new publications. 
Chris Best, Hamish McKenzie, and Jairaj
The thinking behind Substack Pro
Hamish McKenzie
Substack is home to an expansive constellation of writers and artists, like the multi-talented indie-rock musician Thao Nguyen, whose groundbreaking ne…
Dan Stone
While it faces challenges, traditional media can help seed the next generation of media enterprises and build with, instead of on, writers. 
Hamish McKenzie
Today, we’re releasing a new and improved Subscribers dashboard that helps you understand and interact with your subscribers in important ways, such as…
Rob C