Today, we’re introducing new ways to discover writers on our homepage, as well as the beta version of Substack Reader, a new way to keep up with your newsletters.
While it faces challenges, traditional media can help seed the next generation of media enterprises and build with, instead of on, writers. 
Hamish McKenzie
Today, we’re releasing a new and improved Subscribers dashboard that helps you understand and interact with your subscribers in important ways, such as…
Rob C
If Facebook and Twitter are earnest in their pursuit of the paid-newsletter opportunity, I implore them to go all in.
Hamish McKenzie
With Insight, Zeynep is cultivating a space for intelligent debate, in direct contrast to the fast-twitch, fire-and-brimstone approach that prevails on…
Hamish McKenzie
We’ve heard from writers that they’d like more flexibility to customize the appearance of their Substack. Starting today, you’ll see a few new options …
Building a system that puts readers and writers in charge
Chris Best, Hamish McKenzie, and Jairaj Sethi
It's that time of year again. Give a subscription to your favorite writer's newsletter to your loved ones, and check out our holiday recommendations.
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